Stephen Cornford


 In Search of a Concrete Music   

A Grundig TK18 reel to reel tape recorder was dismantled down to its individual component parts. Each piece was then laid on the bed of a scanner produding a real exploded diagram of the contents of the machine. The title is the common English translation of electronic music pioneer Pierre Schaeffer's essay A la Recherche d'une Musique Concréte, perhaps this is a more concrete means of searching for that music.








Four Million Tonnes per Annum

Spectral Index

Petrified Media

Dark Current Collages
Horizon of Fulfillment

To Photograph A Rock
Pixel Mining

RGB [Retinally Governed Behaviours]

Saturation Trails - Acid
- Laser
- X-Ray
Destruction of an Image Sensor

Constant Linear Velocity
Methodology for a Synaesthetic Screen

Digital Audio Film

Solipsism Cinema

Recorded (on) Delivery
Five Introverted Machines

Binatone Galaxy

In Search of a Concrete Music

Works for Turntable

Three Piece
Air Guitar
Extended Piano

Trespassing The Olympic Site
For Violin, Viola & Tape