Stephen Cornford



Constant Linear Velocity

Consumer Waste CD



Electrocardiograph of a Cathode Ray Tube

Thalamos cassette



Electrocardiographs of a Cathode Ray Tube

a wave press 7"



Kinetic Sculptures

vlzprodukt CD compiling recordings of installation works for musical instruments made between 2006 and 2010.




Rumpsti Pumsti (Musik)

edition of 15 hand-cut vinyl records plus 5 artist proofs containing four different persepctives on the installation.


Empty Reels

Vitrine cassette

four very close stereo recordings of empty tape reels rotating slowly on a Grundig TK5 machine.



Archipelago (Islet)

MoTA Museum

artist edition of 12CDrs packaged in laserr-engraved portable CD players. the CD contains four tracks documenting Archipelago.




mantile cassette [mantile#026]

Unprocessed stereo recordings of shortwave
interference, found noise objects.



Music for Earbuds

3LEAVES CD [3L027]

a series of works composed from the feedback
between earbud headphones and walkman



Six Tape Machines

accidie LP [a/r06]

Two compositions assembled from recordings
of open reel and cassette tape players.


Binatone Galaxy

senufo editions CD [#24]

A collection of recordings made using
components of the installation.



Battery Acid

banned production tape [edition of 50]

Two process pieces for a used car battery and
bare microphone cable.



gifts nobody wants [gnw 13]
C36 [edition of 100]

A pair of pieces made using the SSCD_6.2 cassette delay, microphones and hollow objects.


Two Works for Turntables

Permanent Gallery

edition of 250 7" records, produced to accompany the Works for Turntable exhibition.



Pinched Tapes #1

self-released / Gerausmanufaktur

edition of 6 C20 cassettes produced especially
for ArtEx Sonora 2009. Reissued in 2017 in an edition of 60 by Gerausmanufaktur.


Stephen Cornford & Ben Gwilliam

on taking things apart

winds measure CD

edition of 300. artist edition of 15 incl. 3 silkscreen prints made from ground tape machine components.



Daniel Bennett & Stephen Cornford

Fellfield Draff

hideous replica CD, edition of 100.



Stephen Cornford & Patrick Farmer

a measure of ground

Consumer Waste double cassette [cw12]

a collection of brutalist field recordings.



Stephen Cornford & Samuel Rodgers

Boring Embroidery

cathnor CD [cath015]

Our third and likely final disc of duo
improvisations for piano and electronics.


John Cage

Cartridge Music

another timbre CD [at57]

Live realisation by Ferran Fages, Patrick Farmer, Lee Patterson, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Daniel Jones, Rob Curgenven and myself.

Recorded at Audiograft 2012.

  Various Artists

Wandelweiser und so weiter

another timbre 6CD Box Set [at56]



Stephen Cornford | Jason Kahn | Patrick Farmer


pilgrim talk cassette [PT21] (edition of 50)

Recorded live in my studio in February 2012


Stephen Cornford | Patrick Farmer | Sarah Hughes | Kostis Kilymis

No Islands

another timbre CD [at46]

Two improvisations and a realisation of JohnCage's Four6.



Stephen Cornford & Samuel Rodgers

Zinc [extracts]

consumer waste [cw01]
3" CDr [edition of 100]




Stephen Cornford & Samuel Rodgers

Turned Moment, weighting

another timbre [atb-07]

CDr [edition of 250]

A three-track disc of duo improvisations
for piano and piano feedback.