Stephen Cornford




Inverting Resolution: Accounting for the planetary cost of earth observation
Article proposing that we rethink resolution as the material footprint of an image, published in Journal of Visual Culture.

Petrified Media
Article in Cultural Politics about my Earth Art Fellowship exploring the transformation of electronic waste under extreme heat.

Photography, Radiation & Robotics Beyond the Visible: Fukushima

A discussion of the relative in/visibilities of various failed technologies used at Fukushima, published in Continent.

Damage into Image: Exposing the Technics of the Digital Camera
PhD thesis experimenting on and analysing the digital image sensor with respect to media art & theory.

Saturation Trails: The Acid Assay
A short essay proposing an ecological reading of the exposure of digital image sensors to hydroflouric acid.

How to Blind Your Compact Camera
An instructional experiment in consumer electronics sabotage, published in the AMT Manual.

Having Opened a CD Player
Essay commissioned and published by the Experimental Music Yearbook

Review of Wolfgang Ernst's Sonic Time Machines
published in Theory, Culture & Society Annual Review 2017